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Our roots

Great design is more than creating magazine worthy spaces. It’s creating an environment that feels comforting as much as it serves your families daily functional needs. The Harbour Mill Design team was founded by Melissa in 2019 on the principles of creating warm, family-friendly homes that emphasize quality, natural materials and great craftsmanship in a timeless and personal style.


We know a well designed home can do more than impress others – it has the power to simplify and enhance your daily life.  Your home needs to be both a place of refuge and a well-oiled machine.  A well designed home can inspire the life you’ve always longed to live.


Our carefully crafted design process allows us to fully understand your functional needs while uncovering your unique design style. We take the time to fully understand your needs and guide you through a personalized design solution for your home and family. When it comes to implementation, we work with reputable contractors and tradespeople to bring our vision to life with a move-in ready result.

Meet the team
Melissa Heaman

Melissa Heaman

Melissa is the Founder and Principal Designer of Harbour Mill Design. Focusing on an artistic approach of mixed design aesthetics centered on natural elements and functional living, Melissa tailors her design process for each individual client’s needs for a truly custom experience. Her collaborative approach to great design includes working with a great team, reputable contractors and tradespeople, skilled artists and expert installers. Melissa’s work experience in luxury hospitality, corporate team environments and education in visual arts and event management has proven to be the perfect combination for successfully running a customer-centered and tailored interior design firm.

Michele Aubie

Michele Aubie

As Project Designer, Michele works closely with Melissa to build projects from the conceptual beginnings to the finishing touches of the grand finale, and all the intricate details interlaced between. With a constant pulse on every project, and often as the main liaison, she keeps the lines of communication clear on all fronts, and projects moving forward. Having spent the last near decade working in the industry, she cherishes the way her passion, knowledge, and skill set for design is an open and endless evolution.


Let us design the refuge you need for today and the functionality your family needs for tomorrow!