Spring Cleaning

With Spring comes feelings of renewal and being refreshed. Nothing helps a home feel more fresh than opening the windows and getting some Spring cleaning done. Not only is it good for the home, but it’s good for the soul as well.  For me, nothing feels better than spending a couple hours transforming a once jammed pack space into a well organized and clutter-free zone that will allow my family to operate smoother on a daily basis.

Maybe you have the time and energy to make a weekend of it, or perhaps you need to spread out the tasks over a few weeks. You can do it alone or get the whole family involved in the process. No matter your style or availability, spend some time organizing and sorting through your spaces as this new season invites us in.

I’ve narrowed down my top 10 places I’d like to tackle this spring that will refresh my home and make daily living more organized and functional:


Photo source – whoseideaswasittobuythishouse.com
  1. Bedroom Closets

This is for every person in the house. Pull everything out and go through it. What is out of season that can be stored? What no longer fits or hasn’t been worn in over a year? Purge and donate items that are in good condition but aren’t serving you any longer. If your kids have outgrown items, label plastic storage bins to keep for younger kids if possible. Get wicker baskets for small clothing to sit on shelves, hanging organizers to fold stacks of pants and t-shirts, and pretty laundry baskets to keep dirty linens closed off from the bedroom. Replace mismatched wire hangers with pretty felt ones for an inexpensive upgrade to your space.


Photo source – christinasadventures.com
  1. Bathroom Cupboards

It’s best to pull everything out and clean out the cupboard first. Wash down walls, doors and drawers of the cupboards with some multipurpose cleaner or some warm water and vinegar. If you don’t have already, get some pretty baskets or bins from the Dollar Store to keep bottles, linens and first-aid items organized.


Photo source – blesserhouse.com
  1. Pantry

Go through everything checking for ripped packaging, expired dates or items that have been opened too long. Wipe shelves and walls for sticky or powdery messes that have been left behind. For a pretty and practical way to organize pantry items, labeled matching baskets and jars look great displayed on shelves. Organize items by category – baking, grains, kids snacks, etc. for a well organized space and place items at lower levels that are soft or kid friendly. Toxic or harmful substances should always be out of reach for children or locked up (alcohol, cleaning supplies, etc.).


Photo source – blesserhouse.com
  1. Linen Closet

This small space seems to always pack way more than we expect. Organize sheets and towels by size and by use. Don’t purge old, stained or torn towels or sheets but keep them for painting drop sheets, rags for wiping up messes or cleaning. You can never have too many of these. If you keep other items like extra light bulbs, cleaning supplies or mending kits, ensure they are well stocked at this time and purge anything unnecessary.


Photo source – diyncrafts.com
  1. Garage

Another great seasonal area to go through, putting out of storage items (shovels, sleds, boots, decorations, etc.) up high or away for the time and make summer toys and gardening tools accessible. Sweep out the floor and stairs, clean out corner cobwebs and organize the tool area. Take the opportunity of turning on the outside hoses as a good time to clean out garbage and recycling bins too. If you still haven’t taken down your Christmas lights, this is your opportunity to include this as well.  Click here for some specific tips and ideas on organizing the garage.


Harbour Mill Design
  1. Junk Cupboard (yup I’ve got more than just a junk drawer :S)

This is my least favourite task. I tend to jam everything possible into this space for months, forgetting at some point I have to go through this too. Purge items you know you won’t use, reorganize or move items that have a functional purpose and store items worth keeping in another area (kids art, cards, important paperwork, etc.) Other then that, I have no rules for keeping this organized because it’s my messy zone.


Harbour Mill Design
  1. Mudroom

A new season is the perfect time to go through the previous seasons’ outerwear and footwear. Purge, donate or store items that won’t be worn in the upcoming months. Pull out spring coats and footwear and make a list of new items your family will be needing. Clean out the space while it’s empty and refill baskets at accessible heights for younger hands. If your kids can’t reach their hooks or baskets, there is no way you can expect their jackets and hats get put away properly. Now is the time to ensure you have sunscreen and bug spray stocked for the months ahead.


Photo source – hellobabybrown.stfi.re
  1. Playroom

I recommend doing this when the kids are not around (unless they don’t get attached to their toys). Purge broken toys and donate items that have been outgrown. Get appropriate bins or shelves for storing toys and materials based on function. If you have toys in multiple locations, rotate them to ensure things are not getting boring or pull out new activities that haven’t been seen in a while. Restock craft supplies if necessary (my son is forever using up all of our tape), and display finished crafts or greatly loved toys in visible spaces.


Photo source – sfgirlbybay.com
  1. Appliances

Clean in, around and under all major appliances if you can. You’ll be amazed at what’s living under your washing machine, behind your fridge and on the sides of your oven. YUCK! While you’re at it, give each appliance a major clean inside too.  Click here for a detailed description of how to clean your big and small kitchen appliances.


Photo source – Better Home & Gardens
  1. Windows

Inside, outside and in between. Get the most of your increased natural daylight by having some sparkling windows to showcase it!  Click here for detailed ideas to get those  windows looking like new!



How have you done? This list isn’t here to make you feel overwhelmed, its purpose is to give you some suggestions on how to up the function of your cramped spaces with increased cleanliness and organization.

Good luck and happy Spring!

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