Happy Home Habits


Happy New Year everyone!

The start of a new year usually motivates us to get our lives and homes into tip-top shape. I’m not sure if it’s because we need to find a home again for all those holiday decorations or the empty spaces they seem to have left once they get taken down, but after the holidays our homes suddenly feel like they need to get back to the gym again. Getting back into some healthy home habits can not only make our spaces feel refreshed and organized, but they can also help daily living become more functional. These are not big things and they don’t have to take a lot of time, but they can have a big impact on our day-to-day living.  Here are some of my top healthy home habits for daily living:


  • Make your bed every morning. This is a simple one but it definitely makes an impact on how you start your day. Making your bed not only gets you up and focused for the day, but also helps prevent you from falling back under the sheets. Besides, a well-made bed is so much prettier to look at than a big sheet ball.


  • Open your window coverings and let the sun shine in. Whether you are the type of person who is better woken with the fresh swish of the curtains, or would rather not have your neighbours see you until you are fully dressed, letting the sun shine in has this awesome power to suddenly elevate our mood and get us motivated. A well-lit space is also a lot brighter, cleaner and larger feeling.


  • Don’t let junk pile up. Ok I’ll admit this is a tough one. We all have that junk pile or let’s be real – table and counter tops. It’s stuff that we don’t want to deal with or decide if it’s garbage or needs to be kept and instead of just deciding, we place it in a nice pile hoping it will magically disappear. I’m sorry to break it to you, but it doesn’t disappear and when you pile it, you suddenly have to deal with it again later so why not just deal with it the first time and get it out of sight. Suddenly your surfaces will feel a whole lot larger and rooms less cluttered.


  • Wipe surfaces. Keep your counters fairly clear and wipe clean and dry. You don’t have to perform a deep cleanse and polish everyday, but if your counters, tables and dressers are kept free of debris, you can wipe them clean with next to no effort. Clean counters after clearing them, tables after every meal and dressers and other surfaces as needed. No one enjoys putting their laptop down into a smudge of jam left by the kiddos at breakfast or having a coffee cup leave a ring on their antique table.


  • Stay on top of laundry. Do a load a day if you need to instead of waiting for the weekend and making your washer do a marathon. There is nothing attractive or enjoyable about having mounds on the bedroom floor and your closet has nothing left but an old prom dress and a stale pair of pants that don’t fit. Also, use attractive baskets in your room or bathroom for a good-looking alternative to the laundry hamper. Using one might make chucking your clothes more appealing rather than scattering them recklessly across the floor.


  • Put dishes away. I have a general rule to turn the dishwasher on every night before bed and empty it every morning before going anywhere. It helps keep counters clean too if you put dirty dishes into the dishwasher after every meal and hand-wash others as needed. Look for pretty dish towels, great smelling soap and antique plates to keep brushes on for a more attractive workstation.

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  • Tidy up before bed. Have kids help participate in cleaning up toys before they go to bed. Check your kitchen countertop, tabletop and bedroom floor for a clear surface before getting some shuteye. Suddenly you’ll be able to fall asleep quicker and wake up happier.


What daily habits do you find help keep your home in shape?  Leave a comment below and share what works for you.

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