Tour This Town – Paris, ON

About 30 minutes West of Hamilton is the small town of Paris, ON. This riverside town is home to about 12,000 people. Since my initial visit to this town by bike (40km ride there and back… what was I thinking??), I have been attracted to its’ small town charm and alluring downtown shops. Here are my top 4 must-go-to stops in Paris:


  1. Piper & Oak – Since discovering this place, it is now my driving reason (no pun intended) to come to town. I can walk into this store and want to purchase half of it. Owner Sarah has a great eye for design and beautifully displays furniture, accents, décor and gift items in an effortless way. The open and spacious store design allows the browsing to feel calming and unrushed… allowing you to pick up one too many things for purchasing.  My mango wood pedestal dinning table comes from this store and remains to be one of my favourite furniture purchases.   It’s a stunning piece I am proud to own and houseguests can’t go without noticing its beauty.


  1. Paris Wincey Mills Co – This is like a small indoor marketplace filled with tiny treasure booths and tasty eats. I have never gone in here and it not be bustling with families, conversations over coffee and busy shop owners connecting with their community. A true treasure and must stop at location for coffee, lunch and gifts to go!


  1. Paris Road Antiques – Just outside of town, this small stop is packed with treasures for your home. They have an abundance of furniture, mirrors, chandeliers & more antiques that spill out of their garage and onto the patio and lawn surround. Take your time so you can note each item and bring a large vehicle so you can take home something unique.


  1. Still Waters Plate & Pour – Breathtaking views of the river, mouth-watering menu and courteous staff – what a combo! I have eaten here a couple times and still can never make up my mind with the menu each time. The options are plentiful and it all sounds amazing. Plan to go at least once when the weather is warm so you can enjoy the patio that looks over the river.
    (I enjoy the food so much I always forget to take pictures here.  Photos are credited to

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