Room to Work & Play

My 6 year old son loves Lego! The problem is there are two other small kiddos round who like to destroy everything they see or stick pieces into their mouth. I decided a designated Lego area just for my little man was a must to keep him happy and the others safe.

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His desk was a hand-me-down that I had already repainted in our previous home. That left out-of-reach display as my biggest concern.  My son and I enjoyed a date this weekend picking out the chair, lamp and wood for the shelves. When working on kids spaces, part of getting the child to enjoy and appreciate the final product is getting them involved in the design. Allowing them to pick out colours, seating or décor items based on their age, is a good idea.  The quality time together is just an added bonus.


I knew we needed shelves high enough that a toddler could not reach. I decided two chunky stacked shelves (wood from Timeless Materials Co.) would function just as we needed for the space we had to work with.  When we were in Ottawa the other week I found the perfect brackets from Zone Maison.  The sleek black design is modern and industrial looking.  I’m always looking for new ways to display reclaimed wood in a functional way and these brackets were the perfect find! After getting things cut, stained and screwed together, these shelves were ready to mount.

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What was the perfect way to complete a project like this? Build some Lego of course! Displaying a variety of personal things like proud paintings and photographs helps the space instantly become well loved and function as both a creative and display space.  The space will also be able to grow with him and be used for homework and other projects as he gets older.  The overall feeling is both rustic and industrial – perfect for this eclectic little guy.

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This small project was simple and easy to complete with a little planning and help from a small client.

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