Mudroom Refresh

The colder weather held off for a while this fall but I knew it was coming.  Coats, keys, backpacks and shoes flung all over the tile floor.  Something needed to change.  What could be more functional as winter approached than to get the mudroom more organized (and maybe a little prettier too).  When you have a forgetful husband, three messy kids and a large dog, nothing could be more stressful then trying to get out the door in the morning and not be able to find what you’re looking for.

We had just moved and the recent purchases were piling up.  This project needed to be done on a budget but still have a big impact.  When I need to save, it means making things myself and reusing things I have.  BINGO!

Here’s what I started with:

The before – reusable bench!

The bench was a steal at only $40 at a local antique market – this had to stay.  I knew I needed reachable hooks so kids could hang up their coats and backpacks, and I also needed some functionality – keys, mirror, shelf, etc.

After sketching out a few ideas, finding some inspirational pictures and mapping them out on the wall (I like to use painters tape to get a visual first), I had my plan and went out shopping.

Inspirational picture from Pinterest

I love reclaimed wood and one of my favourite places to pick up some unique materials is TIMELESS MATERIALS CO. in Waterloo, ON.  I scoured their piles until coming across the right pieces.  After pulling out the drills, screws saws and stain, I constructed the frame.  Attaching the wood to the wall was definitely a job for the hubby.  The hooks came from a very unexpected place THE MERCANTILE AT THE CROSSROADS in Elmira, ON and I absolutely love them!

Check out that beautiful reclaimed wood and gorgeous iron hooks!

I decorated the upper portion of the space with some frames I already had along with some new stuff from Homesense.  I love personal artwork and making spaces feel personal, so my oldest son and I worked on a drawing together to display.  A recent trip to Stratford, ON allowed me to display my newly purchase pillow from WILLS & PRIOR.

IMG_5899 2
Pattern rugs & pillows help hide dirt (removable pillow covers are a must with sticky kids)

Pattern rugs & pillows help hide dirt and add visual interest (removable pillow covers are a must with sticky kids)[/caption]

After the last hook was hung and the dust was cleaned up, I was very happy with the space.  It was a quick and cheap project that has had such a large impact on our day-to-day home life.  Now that’s beauty & function!


Before & after transformation picture

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